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Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Green Groups Engagement

When dealing with environmental protection and conservation issues of DSD projects and maintenance works, we take a proactive stance on maintaining long-term relationships with green groups. In the past year, we arranged three meetings to exchange views with the Green Power, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong, Conservancy Association, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Designing Hong Kong. Discussions were held over wide-ranging issues, including enhancing the ecological value of rivers, preserving habitat in existing rivers, revitalising water bodies, promoting biodiversity, fostering a water-friendly culture in DSD projects and addressing environmental issues related to operation and maintenance work.


On 1 March 2019, Mr. Richard LEUNG Wah-ming, (first right), DSD Senior Engineer, participated in “Tung Chung River Conservation Annual Inter-departmental Interflow”, and shared application of DSD’s experience of river revitalization in riverside park

Comments from the Green Group

Stakeholder Interview

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
Dr. NG Cho-nam

DSD has been proactively maintaining a close relationship with the green groups. Apart from regular liaison meetings, DSD also initiates communication and collaboration with us on a variety of projects, enabling us to participate in the project design process and voice out our opinion in a timely manner. This year, DSD invited green groups to the ecological study for the “Upgrading Works at Stonecutters Island STW”. We were also invited to offer comments on the design of revitalisation of Tsui Ping River and Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant. Positive feedback and outcomes have been resulted from this cooperation.

DSD also values opinions of stakeholders as can be seen from the appropriate and timely following up to our enquiries, responses and suggestions, maintaining various communication channels and establishing amicable working relationship.

Looking into the future, we look forward to more interactions with different stakeholder groups in the forthcoming stakeholder engagement activities, fostering understanding between stakeholders. In terms of river revitalisation, flood prevention and sewage treatment operations, we hope more collaborations among DSD, other governmental departments and ourselves would achieve synergistic effect, such as strengthening the river basin management and planning of works in the corresponding nearby areas with concerted effort.

Stakeholder Interview

Our response


Green groups have been providing vital contribution towards the ecological and environmental conservation of our flood prevention and sewage treatment works through their valuable feedback and professional knowledge. DSD is very thankful for the support from various green groups. We strive to continue our communication and cooperation, in various formats, with green groups as well as other stakeholder groups. We would strengthen both the inter– and intra-departmental communication for constructing well-rounded flood prevention and sewage treatment works which cope well with future challenges.

DSD deeply mourns the passing of Dr. NG, and thanks Dr. NG for his dedication to environmental protection and conservation, to promote sustainable development in Hong Kong and to provide us with valuable opinions on related areas.