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Regular Engagement

Engaging stakeholders at DSD is an ongoing process that helps us to continuously update the sustainability issues that should be of the greatest concern. To this end, we have established multiple channels to communicate with stakeholders regularly on matters relating to projects, daily operations and our development approaches; all listed in the table below. The concerns raised during these regular exchanges together with our responses are reflected in this report. For details of the engagement, please refer to Chapter 7 Stakeholder Engagement Activities.

Key Stakeholders Engagement Channels9 Key Concerns10
DSD Staff
  • Employee incentive scheme
  • Employee recommendation scheme
  • Goodwill visits by DSD management
  • Consultative committees and discussion groups across DSD
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee training opportunities
  • Public seminars
  • Procurement activity
  • Procurement policy
  • Sustainable procurement
Contractors and Consultants
  • Site visits
  • Experience sharing sessions
  • Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Construction requirements and trends for projects
  • Environmental performance of projects
Legislators and Local District Councilors
  • Focus group meetings
  • Progress of engineering works
Academia Groups and Professional Bodies
  • Outreach activities
  • Visits to DSD facilities and construction sites
  • Research and Development Forum
  • DSD International Conference
  • Engineering technology
  • Environmental performance of drainage facilities
General Public
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Visits to DSD facilities and construction sites
  • Questionnaire surveys
  • Impact of drainage works on residents
  • Operational efficiency
Green Groups
  • Meeting with environmental groups
  • Site visits to river channels
  • Research and Development Forum
  • Ecological conservation
  • Energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Green design elements in drainage works
  • Environmental performance of suppliers/contractors
Other Governmental Departments
  • Inter-departmental meetings
  • Environmental protection policy
  • Drainage services to public
9 102-43
10 102-44