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Caring for Our Staff

Staff Safety and Health

In conjunction with our drive to provide staff with training and development opportunities, we strive to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the entire workforce. A Safety Steering Group has been set up to oversee and coordinate the OSH affairs of the Department, ensuring that the OSH risks are eliminated or effectively controlled.

We have also established a number of monitoring committees, namely the Electrical and Mechanical Branch Safety Management Committee, the Sewage Treatment Works Safety and Health Management Committee, and the Direct Labour Force Safety Management Committee. They are composed of DSD staff from various disciplines and grades and account for about 3% of the DSD staff. Meetings are held regularly to discuss and review OSH related issues and measures.

Since January of 2019, a Safety Caring Visit Program has been set up for sewage treatment plants, to meet the front-line workers and collect their views on workplace safety. Safety briefings, workshops, video shows, and experience sharing would be conducted during the visits.

# Staff injury cases refer to cases of occupational injuries reported under Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, resulting in death or incapacity for work over three days.
* Including injury cases of DSD staff and DSD contractors’ staff.

Occupational Safety and Health Promotional Activities

To foster the culture of work safety within the Department, we actively organise and participate in OSH promotional campaigns. The activities we took part in during 2018-19 are listed below:

  • 29 DSD projects participated in the 25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme held by the Development Bureau
  • 32 projects participated in the Construction Sites Safety and Housekeeping Award Scheme 2018 organised by DSD
  • Two safety talks and one site visit were organised for DSD colleagues, resident site staff of consultants and representatives of contractors

Representatives of the winning contract teams pictured at the award ceremony for the 25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme