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Occupational Safety and Health

OSH for our staff is a top priority at DSD. To this end, we allocate sufficient resources to raise safety performance and arrange associated staff training to ensure that their day-to-day tasks are accomplished safely and efficiently.

In-house Occupational Safety and Health


DSD was awarded the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification in 2012.


Chaired by the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, DSD Safety Steering Group was established to monitor and coordinate the safety and health matters of the Department. The Group holds regular meetings with Division Heads to review in-house safety policies and procedures, as well as announce the latest safety directives within the Department. We have also established Electrical and Mechanical Branch Safety Management Committee, Sewage Treatment Works Safety and Health Management Committee, and Direct Labour Force Safety Management Committee. The Committees are all composed of DSD staff from different disciplines and grades and comprising 3% of the entire staff establishment. Meetings are held regularly to review the present OSH systems and seek room for improvement and optimisation.

Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

To raise safety awareness and nurture a culture of safety amongst our staff, we organised and participated in a variety of OSH promotion drives, campaigns, and incentive programmes.

  • 26 DSD projects participated in the Development Bureau’s Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2015;
  • 47 projects participated in the DSD’s Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme 2015; and
  • 1 safety talk and 3 site visits were organised for DSD colleagues, resident site staff and contractors’ staff.