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2015-16 has been an unforgettable year, as we celebrate a sparkling milestone for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) along with multiple construction projects which have garnered international accolades. DSD staff has always been a tight-knit team that strategises and strives together, and that has enabled us to overcome every challenge as we do our part in Hong Kong’s sustainable development. In this chapter, we are honoured to share the following highlights at DSD during the past year.



20 April 2015

Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme received the “Highly Commended New Engineering Contract (NEC) Large Project of the Year” award from the UK's NEC Users' Group


2 July 2015

“Building our Kai Tak River” Writing Competition 2015 concluded successfully, with a total of 85 entries

16 July 2015

First runner-up (overall) in the “Practical Competition” and first runner-up in the “Building Information Modelling (Infrastructure) Competition - Process Plant Category” in the “Utility Safety Competitions 2014/15”

20 July 2015

Five accolades for DSD’s Sustainability Report 2013-14 at APEX 2015 Awards, and 2013/14 Inspire Awards and 2013/14 Vision Awards by League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP)

23 July 2015

“Submarine rules” and “Abyss sewers”: two-episode premiere for TV series Beneath, co-produced by DSD & RTHK, were broadcast on 23 and 30 July respectively


4 September 2015

DSD won Silver Prize under “Team Award (Specialised Service) category” and Special Citation (Integrity Management) under “Team Award (General Public Service) category” in Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2015

24 September 2015

HATS Stage 2A commenced flow turning process (see Chapter 5, Our Core Responsibilities for details)


3 November 2015

Two DSD engineers won Awards for Officers of Public Organisations in The Ombudsman's Awards 2015

7 November 2015

DSD’s Sustainability Report 2013-14 won “Sustainability Reporting Award: Non-profit Making and Charitable Organizations Category” at the 2015 HKMA Best Annual Reports Awards

11 & 18 November 2015

Organizing “Research & Development Forum 2015” (see Chapter 7, Stakeholder Engagement Activities for details)


3 December 2015

Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns received “Sustainable Use of Underground Space Category” award from British engineering magazine

19 December 2015

HATS Stage 2A commenced full operation (see Chapter 5, Our Core Responsibilities for details)

21 December 2015

Stage 3 Public Engagement for Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns launched



15 January 2016

Administration Building of Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works received “Excellent Class” Indoor Air Quality Certificate


11-20 March 2016

DSD exhibited “Stream Theatre” at Hong Kong Flower Show 2016, winning the Grand Award for Design Excellence (Landscape Display)

22 March 2016

DSD held Annual Media Briefing to update the media on our flood prevention and sewage treatment efforts