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Governance Structure

The Department’s senior management comprises the Director of Drainage Services, one Deputy Director and four Assistant Directors, responsible for making important policy decisions and overseeing the Department’s daily operations. It also develops and reviews DSD’s strategies and targets with regard to sustainable development.

DSD’s Senior Management

DSD’s Senior Management
  • Director of Drainage Services - Mr. Edwin TONG Ka-hung
  • Deputy Director of Drainage Services - Mr. MAK Ka-wai
  • Assistant Director/Operations & Maintenance - Mr. Fedrick KAN Yim-fai
  • Assistant Director/Projects and Development - Mr. Michael FONG Hok-shing
  • Assistant Director/Electrical & Mechanical - Mr. WONG Sek-cheung
  • Assistant Director/Sewage Services - Mr. Henry CHAU Kwok-ming
  • Departmental Secretary - Mr. Tony WONG Kau-nin

DSD’s Organisation Chart

DSD consists of four branches with a staff establishment of 1,914. Each branch is led by an Assistant Director and is responsible for providing technical and professional support services in the respective field. The duties of the each branch are as follows:

Sustainability Management Structure

To coordinate our work in sustainable development more effectively, we have set up committees and steering groups for various specific topics to discuss related affairs, give suitable recommendations and supervise associated works.