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Stakeholder Engagement

By listening and responding to the needs of various stakeholders, DSD is able to move with the times. We established multiple channels to maintain two-way communication with stakeholders on matters such as construction works, daily operations and our development approaches. The stakeholder groups include DSD staff, professional institutions, academia, green groups, the media, and consultants and contractors. For details, please refer to Chapter 7: Stakeholder Engagement Activities.

Stakeholders 1 Stakeholder communication channels/means of interaction 2 Issues of concern 3
DSD Staff
  • Employee incentive scheme
  • Employee recommendation scheme
  • Goodwill visits by DSD management
  • Consultative committees and discussion groups across DSD
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee training opportunities
General public
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Visits to DSD facilities and construction sites
  • Questionnaire Surveys
  • Impact of drainage works on residents
  • Operational efficiency
Consultants and contractors
  • Site visits
  • Experience sharing sessions
  • Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Construction requirements and trends for projects
  • Environmental performance of projects
  • Outreach activities
  • Visits to DSD facilities and construction sites
  • Research and Development Forum
  • Engineering technology
  • Environmental performance of drainage facilities
Green groups
  • Meeting with environmental groups
  • Site visits to river channels
  • Ecological conservation
  • Energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Green design elements in drainage engineering works
Professional institutions
  • DSD International Conference
  • Research and Development Forum
  • Engineering technology
  • Asset management
  • Media briefings
  • Progress of engineering works

[1] G4-24
[2] G4-26
[3] G4-27

In addition to maintaining ongoing communications, we also hope that our sustainability reports can better address concerns of stakeholders. To this end, starting from 2012-13, we have held an additional stakeholder engagement programme prior to compiling each report. This arrangement helps us better understand our stakeholders’ views and expectations, which are in turn reflected in the report. In this year’s stakeholder engagement programme, we strengthened our connections with our consultants and the public by collecting their views through focus group meetings and questionnaire surveys. For details, please refer to Chapter 2: About this Report.