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Drainage Services Department
Governance Approach

Governance Approach


No. of Staff

Governance Structure

Supporting our two core services namely sewage treatment and flood prevention, our Department is headed by a Director with the assistance of a Deputy Director and four Assistant Directors. There are four branches within the department, namely the Sewage Services Branch, the Operations and Maintenance Branch, the Projects and Development Branch and the Electrical and Mechanical Branch, comprising fifteen functional Divisions/Sections. There are also individual sections at the headquarters rendering technical, accounting and administrative support.

DSD Senior Management

1. Director: CHAN Chi-chiu; 2. Deputy Director: TSUI Wai; 3. Assistant Director / Operations and Maintenance: MAK Ka-wai; 4. Assistant Director/Sewage Services: CHAN Pak-keung; 5. Assistant Director/Electrical and Mechanical: SHE Siu-kuen; 6. Departmental Secretary: WONG Kau-nin; 7. Assistant Director/Projects and Development: CHENG Hung-leung


1. Director: CHAN Chi-chiu
2. Deputy Director: TSUI Wai
3. Assistant Director/Operations and Maintenance: MAK Ka-wai
4. Assistant Director/Sewage Services: CHAN Pak-keung
5. Assistant Director/Electrical and Mechanical: SHE Siu-kuen
6. Assistant Director/Projects and Development: CHENG Hung-leung
7. Departmental Secretary: WONG Kau-nin

DSD Headquarters

Projects and Development Branch

The Projects and Development Branch is responsible for the implementation of capital works projects. These include the design and construction of drains, flood control and relief works, sewerage network and sewage treatment facilities.

Operations and Maintenance Branch

The Operations and Maintenance Branch is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the drainage and sewerage systems in the territory as well as flood control, planning of drainage and sewerage systems, enforcement of land drainage legislation and the management and maintenance of engineered drainage channels.

Electrical and Mechanical Branch

The Electrical and Mechanical Branch is responsible for the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment and flood protection facilities as well as electrical and mechanical design and installation works in sewerage and drainage projects of the Department.

Sewage Services Branch

The Sewage Services Branch is responsible for the implementation of sewerage and sewage treatment projects including Harbour Area Treatment Scheme and collection of sewage charges.

Our Department has established Green Management Committee and The Green Champions to lead internal communication, cooperation and initiatives on sustainability:

Green Management Committee (GMC)

The GMC advises the senior management on green management of the Department operations under the following terms of reference.

  • To formulate and review departmental policy on green management;
  • To set environmental objectives and targets for continual improvement; and
  • To monitor and review the implementation of the environmental policies and targets through the seven Integrated Management Systems.

Organisation Chart of Green Management Committee

* MR/DMR: Management Representative / Deputy Management Representative of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Integrated Management System

The Green Champions

The Green Champions is a group of our staff who are interested in green issues and endeavour to pursue a more sustainable working style. They are inspired to help promote sustainability issues amongst staff in working area by spreading the green message and sharing green tips.

The main role of Green Champions is to set an example to those around by working in an environmentally responsible way, and to encourage and assist colleagues to be more environmentally responsible in their daily work. Through raising awareness of green issues and making small changes in workplace, Green Champions strive to cultivate positive behavioural change towards energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.

Energy & Emission Management Team

Following the signing of the Clean Air Charter by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR Government in November 2006, to fully commit to implementing the Six Commitments under the Clean Air Charter, our Department established an Energy and Emission Management (EEM) Team in early 2007 to help lead the departmental energy & emission management through:

  • identifying emission sources;
  • assessing DSD's position by benchmarking;
  • implementing energy/emissions reduction measures;
  • auditing and reporting; and
  • experience sharing.

Organisation Chart of Energy and Emission Management Team