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Drainage Services Department
Governance Approach

Governance Approach


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Engagement Approach

We have already identified various stakeholders who have direct or indirect interests in our Department's activities and developments through our daily operations and communication processes. Our major stakeholder groups include staff, clients, consultants & contractors, academic bodies, green groups, professional bodies, media and general public. A list of our stakeholder engagement activities is tabulated below.

Stakeholder Groups Engagement Activities
DSD Staff
  • Staff Motivation Scheme
  • Staff Suggestion Scheme
  • Departmental Consultative Committee and Discussion Groups
  • Clearance of Blocked Sewers and Drains Customer Feedback Survey
  • Sewage Services Charges Enquiry through Fax, Email and Telephone
Consultants and Contractors
  • Implementation of New Engineering Contract (NEC)
  • Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme
  • Tunnel Safety Campaign
Academic bodies
  • Outreaching Program
  • Visits to DSD's facilities and projects sites
  • Research & Development Forum
Green groups
  • Green Group Forum
Professional Bodies
  • Research & Development Forum
Statutory Bodies
  • District Councils Meetings
  • Legislative Council Meetings
  • Media Briefings and Interviews
  • Daily Enquiries through Fax, Email and Telephone
General Public
  • Questionnaire Survey
  • Visits to DSD's facilities and projects sites
  • Innovation Carnival
  • Hong Kong Flower Show
  • Daily Enquiries through Fax, Email and Telephone