Drainage Services Department

Recognizing that green landscape enhances the quality of life, DSD has been conscious to apply greening effort to soften sewage treatment works, sewage and flood pumping facilities which could be visually sensitive in their neighbourhood. The greening helps reduce visual monotony, enrich local biodiversity and improve microclimate such as providing shades, absorbing heat and reducing flying dust. Trees and flowers also provide a sense of seasonal change and increase aesthetic quality.

Landscaping within the facilities elevates the ratio of green cover in the district. It also harmonises the shapes, textures and colours of such utility service architecture. Greenery mediates concrete buildings, tanks, pump rooms, exhaust pipes, walls, and open areas. Some of the facilities also provides podium garden that is accessible by the public, provides more recreation areas for the general public.


Mural Painting Beautification of facilities

Mural is recognized as a popular tool of public art to beautiful the city. It has positive impact to the local community mentally, socially, culturally. In recent years, DSD uses mural paintings on the facades of our facilities to bring art to the general public, and beautifies the neighbourhood.

Beautifying and Greening of DSD facilities

While landscape design is introduced to new works, Drainage Services Department (DSD) is continuously pursuing more landscaping measures in existing sewage treatment works and sewage pumping stations. We strongly believe green effort to make-over the plants will not only improve environment but also give confidence to the community that we always have regard to the neighbourhood and will maintain and enhance the sites in the best possible way.

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