The two sewage pumping stations are part of the Kowloon City Sewage Interception Scheme which located at the rim of Kai Tak Development Area, aiming at alleviate the capacity problem of the existing trunk sewers and coping with the new developments in the areas. The facility was awarded the platinum rating under BEAM Plus Assessment for New Buildings in late 2015

The design included sustainable development concepts to create urban oasis, we used the sunken design for some of the facilities to reduce the visual impact of the pumping stations, made use of natural lighting and architectural language such as juxtapose, intertwine and fold to enrich the building form; use viva geometric patterns and integrate the building surfaces with green infrastructure elements such as pervious pavement, vertical greening, roof garden and rain garden to maximize the green coverage; and harvest rainwater for irrigation and water features to reduce resources consumption.  They are well integrated to form the new face of our pumping stations.

The design maintains the existing viewing corridor of adjacent development, and enhances building thermal performance and improves outdoor comfort. It also provides visual relief to adjacent resident and enriches the urban biodiversity.


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