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Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Ongoing Communication with Green Groups

When dealing with environmental protection and conservation issues of DSD projects, we take a proactive stance on maintaining long-term relationships with green groups. In the past year, we arranged three meetings to exchange views with the Green Power, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong, Conservancy Association, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Designing Hong Kong. Discussions were held over wide-ranging issues, including enhancing the ecological value of rivers, revitalising water bodies, promoting biodiversity, fostering a water-friendly culture in DSD projects and environmental issues related to operation and maintenance work.


On 28 April 2017, DSD representatives arranged guided visit to river improvement work site at Ma Wat River for green group members

Stakeholder Interview

Stakeholder Interview

Dr. Luk-ki CHENG
Director, Green Power

Green Group's Note

We are very pleased to see the strong commitment of DSD towards conservation of river channels. Over the years, our works with DSD mainly lie in the areas of river revitalisation and drainage ecology management in Hong Kong, including the designation of the Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail and Tuen Mun River Teachers Workshop under programme, Rivers Reviving that aim to enhance public awareness on conservation of Hong Kong rivers. In one of our recent projects – In-To Tung Chung River, we are delighted to have DSD to be our supporting organisation to help mobilise wider public engagement on river conservation.

Apart from maintaining a close relationship with Green Groups, we genuinely appreciate the open-mindedness of DSD and in valuing our opinions and suggestion. Throughout our collaboration and green group liaison meetings, the comments made to DSD on ecological enhancement in channel projects, preservation of local species during construction, and the greening elements of DSD’s facilities were considered and addressed timely.

In the future, we anticipate to see more projects from DSD that will not only address flood prevention and sewage treatment but can also match with public's need for recreation and public space. We hope to have more heated discussion from DSD to address non-point source water pollution in storm drains and promote the wider adoption of reclaimed water that can further protect the water quality in Hong Kong.

Stakeholder Interview

Our response


We would like to thank various green groups that have supported our work. Their valuable feedback and suggestions have been an important factor which enabled us to conserve the river ecology in Hong Kong, so as to better protect the species inhabiting in the rivers. We look forward to further collaboration with various green groups in future, striving to provide a better living environment in Hong Kong.