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Drainage Services Department

Sustainability Report 2014-15

Meeting the Targets

In order to review and continuously improve our sustainability performance, we have established various targets on environmental performance, social performance and service quality, and takencorresponding actions to achieve them. Details of our achievements in the reporting year and targets set for 2015-16 are summarised in this chapter.

On Routine Services

Service Pledge Performance Achievement Target 2014-15 Achievement
Clearance of blocked sewers/drains Respond within the same day for complaints received before 1 pm 99% 99.88%
Respond before noon of next day for complaints received after 1 pm 99% 99.87%
Customers satisfy with the clearing work 95% 99.62%
Technical audit for connection to the public drainage/sewerage systems Reply to the applicant within nine working days upon receipt of HBPI application 99% 100%
Response to written enquiries on sewage services accounts Initial respond within two working days 100% 100%
Full reply within a month 98% 100%
Response to complaints Respond within ten calendar days 98% 98.78%
Provision of drainage record plans Allow inspection of drainage record plans within the same day 95% 100%
Provide photocopy of drainage record plans within four working days upon confirmation of payment 95% 100%
On-site display of the purpose and anticipated completion date of drainage works involving road excavation A simple description of drainage works with anticipated completion date will be displated on site to enable the public to understand why the works are necessary and when they will be completed 98% 99.91%
(1) The customer satisfaction survey on the clearance of blocked sewers/drains is conducted once a week by selecting the respondents randomly.

The above targets will be maintained for 2015-16 to monitor and upkeep the quality of our routine services.