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Drainage Services Department

Sustainability Report 2014-15

Joining Hands with Working Partners

Our project consultants and contractors not only play a key role in carrying out DSD works, but also join forces with us to improve the sustainability performance with their rich experience. To facilitate cooperation among all parties, we have established comprehensive systems and guidelines while constantly exploring multi-faceted and innovative collaborative approaches. During the year, we increased the use of the New Engineering Contract (NEC) and continued with our various programmes (including site visits and experience-sharing sessions), strengthening cooperation with working partners.

Adopting NEC

The Department strives to foster a partnership culture through the active use of NEC. Comparing with the conventional ones, NEC advocates close cooperation, joint management and shared risks by all working parties. This helps increase construction efficiency and avoid disputes to reduce the risks arising from project delay.

Riding on our success in completing the Improvement of Fuk Man Road Nullah in Sai Kung, the first government project using NEC in Hong Kong, we are now endeavouring to apply NEC in other areas, including works contracts, consultancy agreements and maintenance contracts for electrical and mechanical works. As a major NEC user, DSD has a mission to nurture a cooperative culture with mutual trust, and will continue to examine and evaluate NEC’s performance in aspects such as construction time and cost saving, project quality and site safety.

We also attended by invitation a couple of relevant meetings and forums hosted by international organisations. On 28 April 2014, our then Deputy Director, Mr CHUI Wai, delivered a speech at the 18th Annual Seminar of the UK’s NEC Users’ Group to share with industry practitioners DSD’s experience in using NEC.

Our then Deputy Director, Mr CHUI Wai, delivering a speech at the 18th Annual Seminar of NEC Users’ Group

Our then Deputy Director, Mr CHUI Wai, delivering a speech at the 18th Annual Seminar of NEC Users’ Group