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Drainage Services Department

Sustainability Report 2014-15

Managing the Environment

DSD puts strong focus on environmental management in every project it delivers in order to make Hong Kong a livable city. In recent years, we actively campaigned for Blue-Green Infrastructure, emphasising the protection of river ecosystems in addition to environmentally friendly construction practices. These initiatives, alongside various emissions reduction and energy conservation measures at our facilities, are instrumental in promoting sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Water Resources Management

With an escalating global shortage in water resources, DSD has proactively conducted pilot studies and trial projects in rainwater reuse and application of reclaimed water.

Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme - Water Harvesting System

“Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (HVUSSS)” is the first project in Hong Kong which has adopted the use of state-of-the-art hydraulic modelling techniques to achieve flood control and environmental protection by improving accuracy in flood prevention designs, reducing energy consumption for water pumps and reducing construction costs and time.

Happy Valley Recreation Ground has 11 pitches, a jogging trail, fitness facilities, and large swathes of green areas. A lot of water is required for day-to-day irrigation and toilet flushing purposes. We incorporated a water harvesting system (WHS) in the scheme to collect groundwater, rainwater and excess irrigation water, and reuse them in irrigation and toilet flushing after proper treatment in order to reduce water consumption.

WHS at Happy Valley Recreation Ground

WHS at Happy Valley Recreation Ground

Use of Reclaimed Water

Water reclamation is one of the initiatives in Total Water Management Strategy. It refers to replacing high quality fresh water with reclaimed water for non-potable purposes. At present, DSD purifies treated effluent with wastewater purification technology to ‘reclaimed water’ standards for non-potable uses. In 2014-15, DSD produced an average of about 1,560 m3 of reclaimed water daily for plant cleaning, irrigation, toilet flushing and chemicals dilution.

Water reclamation facilities at Sha Tin STW

Water reclamation facilities at Sha Tin STW

Use of Green Materials and Products

A variety of environmentally friendly materials and products are used in our projects, including:

  • Paving blocks made from recycled glass cullet;
  • Synthetic manhole covers and gully gratings (both located at non-vehicular access/areas within STWs and pumping stations) and PVC flooring materials, especially products made of recycled materials;
  • Recycled timber;
  • PV panels and solar-powered LED lightings; and
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles.