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Drainage Services Department

Sustainability Report 2013-14

Managing the Environment

Managing the Environment

32,8024 No. of Shrubs Planted

Enhancing the environmental performance of our territorywide facilities is a crucial part of the environmental management strategy. Apart from this, we also engage our staff and suppliers to protect the environment in various ways, such as promoting green culture and green procurement.

Resources Conservation

Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme - Water Harvesting System and "Lawn on Top" Design

Happy Valley Racecourse is a landmark of Happy Valley. The Happy Valley Recreation Ground consisted of 11 sports pitches, a jogging track, some fitness facilities and a large landscaped area. Substantial amount of water was required every day for irrigation and toilet flushing. Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (HVUSSS) being carried out within the Happy Valley Recreation Ground provides an opportunity for installing a Water Harvesting System (WHS) to collect groundwater, excessive irrigation water and rainwater for reuse in irrigation and toilet flushing upon suitable treatment. The WHS, upon commission, will save a considerable amount of fresh water supply.

WHS at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground

WHS at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground

Being located at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground, the proposed fan room and pump house have been designed to be covered by greenery to minimise visual impact. The “Lawn on Top” design concept has been adopted for the pump house to blend it with the surrounding environment. The sloping green roof of the pump house and the cover of the storage tank intake structure will be open to the public and served as sitting-out areas for spectators.

In addition to the landscaping and architectural design, the construction works have also been implanted with environmentally friendly elements. These include the use of recycled exterior building materials, recycled porous paving blocks, solar panels and high energy efficient appliance to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. With the adoption of these sustainable constituents, HVUSSS has clinched the Platinum rating in the provisional assessment of BEAM Plus – New Building granted by the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

"Lawn on Top" design of HVUSSS

“Lawn on Top” design of HVUSSS

Water Reclamation in Sewage Treatment Works

Water reclamation is one of the key initiatives under the Total Water Management Strategy. It refers to the use of reclaimed water to replace high quality fresh water used for non-potable purposes. Reuse of treated effluent, grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting are examples of water reclamation.

In 2013-14, the daily use of reclaimed water used by DSD was about 1,200 cubic metres. The new water reclamation facility of Tai Po STW was commissioned in December 2013, further increasing the production of reclaimed water.

Water reclamation facility of Tai Po STW

Water reclamation facility of Tai Po STW

Use of Green Materials and Products in Daily Operations

We have adopted the use of the following green materials and products in our daily operations:

  • Glass blocks, paving blocks, pipe bedding materials, ingredients of blinding concrete and porous drainage materials made of recycled glass cullet;
  • Synthetic manhole covers, synthetic gully gratings and floor materials made of recycled materials; and
  • Recycled timber.