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Drainage Services Department

Sustainability Report 2013-14

Caring Our Staff

Caring Our Staff

53,418 Total Staff Training Hours

We believe that training is paramount for our staff to provide quality services to meet the growing demands and public concerns on sustainability. In 2013-14, we have organised a total of 584 training courses for our staff, in the form of induction courses, in-house training, duty visits, overseas conferences, as well as seminars and workshops.

Occupational Health & Safety

DSD places top priority in occupational health and safety at work and hence allocate adequate resources and provide necessary training to our staff. We aim at accomplishing all our undertakings safely and efficiently with due consideration of the environment.

Governance and Supervision of Health and Safety

To monitor and audit the health and safety performance of DSD, we established the Safety Steering Group chaired by our Deputy Director. Regular meetings were held amongst the Division Heads to report and review the in-house safety policy and procedures, as well as deliver new safety directives within DSD.

Since 2012, DSD has been accredited with the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, demonstrating DSD’s effort in managing and controlling the workplace safety in a systematic manner.

Promotional Activities of Health and Safety

We believe that safety promotion is important to enhance the safety awareness of individuals and to instill a safety culture among staff. During the year, we organised and participated in various health and safety promotion activities, campaigns and award schemes which are highlighted as follows:

  • 37 projects participated in Development Bureau’s Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2013;
  • 51 projects participated in DSD’s Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme 2013; and
  • Organised three safety talks and two site visits on site safety for in-house colleagues, consultants’ Resident Site Staff and contractors’ staff.

In-house Occupational Health and Safety

We have established various committees to monitor and safeguard the health and safety of our staff, including the Occupational Health & Safety Committee, Electrical and Mechanical Branch Safety Management Committee, Sewage Treatment Works Safety and Health Management Committee, and Direct Labour Force Safety Management Committee. About three per cent of DSD staff from different disciplines and grades have participated in these committees. Committee meetings are held regularly to review if further improvement and enhancement of our health and safety management system are required.

Apart from safeguarding in-house occupational health and safety, we also work closely with our supply chain to oversee safety performance of DSD’s construction sites. For example, we request contractors to establish Site Safety and Environmental Management Committees for coordinating site safety issues between DSD and site staff. For more details, please refer to Working with Supply Chain.