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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2018-19

Caring for Our Staff/Staff Recreational Activities

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Caring for Our Staff

Sub-sections in Caring for Our Staff

[Staff Training and Development] [Staff Safety and Health] [Staff Recreation Activities]

Staff Recreational Activities

To facilitate communication between DSD staff members from different divisions, and to promote a healthy work-life balance, the DSD Staff Club organises a wide range of recreational activities on a regular basis. These events help strengthen relationships among colleagues across the division.

Hong Kong Marathon 2019

In 2019, DSD continues to give the Hong Kong Marathon 2019 fervent support, with approximately 30 staff members and their relatives participating. Our consultants, contractors and other partners were invited to join the race, making up a strong team of 90 runners. Each person’s participation in the race helped encourage the rest of the team, and helped build up team morale throughout the event.


Hong Kong Marathon 2019


Cycling trip along riverside

Outdoor Activities and Interest Classes

DSD employees have a wide range of interests, ranging from cooking to photography. Catering to their diverse passions, the Staff Club organises many different types of outdoor activities and classes for our colleagues. These include local tours, cycling trips, hiking, green seminars, cooking classes, photography classes and bead accessories design classes.

Dragon Boat Race

Since the establishment of DSD dragon boat team, the members have been training regularly to stay in shape and actively participating in different dragon boat races over the years. Apart from helping to maintain good health, competitions can also be an excellent team building activity that promotes cohesiveness among our people. The DSD dragon boat team won the second runner up in China Dragon Mixed Invitational Tournament of Shatin Dragon Boat Open Competition 2018, and achieved the Silver Cup (first runner-up) in the Development Bureau Cup (Government Cup) of Tseung Kwan O Dragon Boat Race 2018.


DSD won the second runner-up in China Dragon Mixed Invitational Tournament of Shatin Dragon Boat Open Competition 2018


DSD won the Silver Cup (first runner-up) in the Development Bureau Cup (Government Cup) of Tseung Kwan O Dragon Boat Race 2018

Sports Competitions

Apart from joining the marathon and dragon boat races every year, our Staff Club strives to promote colleagues’ athletic strength and wellness in our colleagues. Hence, a series of inter-departmental sports tournaments were organised throughout the year, including football, basketball, table tennis, squash, snooker, tennis, badminton, bowling and darts.


Construction Industry Council Happy Run 2019


Development Bureau Happy Running Day 2018

Annual Dinner

Organised by our Staff Club, the DSD Annual Dinner was held in May 2018, hosting about 300 guests and colleagues. The programme included a prize presentation for sports competitions, a lucky draw and a myriad of team games, and Mr. Edwin TONG Ka-hung, then Director of Drainage Services and Mr. MAK Ka-wai, Deputy Director of Drainage Services, gave a musical performance alongside the DSD Band. It was truly a joyful and memorable evening for all.


Making a toast


Mr. Edwin TONG Ka-hung, then Director of Drainage Services, jamming with the DSD Band


Mr. MAK Ka-wai, Deputy Director of Drainage Services, jamming with the DSD Band

Christmas Party

Over 470 colleagues and guests joined the DSD Christmas Party 2018 to celebrate the holiday season. Christmas carols sung by colleagues and a lucky draw brought the festive cheer to the staff function.


">Mr. LAM Sai-hung, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr. LIU Chun-san, Under Secretary for Development, Mr. TSE Chin-wan, Under Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Donald TONG Chi-keung, then Permanent Secretary for the Environment/Director of Environmental Protection, and retired Directors of Drainage Services were invited to join our Christmas Party

Goodwill Visits

Staff feedback is crucial to us. To foster communication and reinforce ties between the management and frontline staff, DSD introduced the Goodwill Visits programme in June 2013. Under the programme, Director and Deputy Director of Drainage Services, as well as other directorate staff, pay visits to frontline staff at their workplaces annually, listening to staff concerns and thus developing a deep trust in our department. In 2018-19, the management made a total of 12 goodwill visits to communicate with frontline staff at 14 operational sites.


Goodwill visits tea gathering


Top management’s goodwill visits

Comments from Internal Staff

The internal staff of DSD, appreciate the willingness of DSD’s management to take care of our needs and addressing the opinions given by staff from junior grades or senior management. DSD has standardised social responsibility and human rights policies, including procurement and non-discrimination policies. We can see the good practices resulting from DSD’s continuous application of these policies.

We anticipate DSD will continue to listen to and follow up with its employee’s needs. We hope DSD will arrange more outbound training opportunities to equip ourselves for the upcoming challenges faced in the future works.

Our Response

We care much about the personal development, physical heath, mental health and occupational safety of our employees. Therefore, we will continue to provide our employees with a variety of training and recreational activities, in order to support their work and build a healthy and harmonious working environment. We will continue to listen and respond to our employees’ opinions, and maintain sufficient communication to facilitate efficient operation.