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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Executive Summary

Working with Supply Chain

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[highlight8.png] 51 No. of Teams from Our Working Partners Participated in Our Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme

Engaging our working partners, in particular the consultants and contractors, is an important part of our work to enable smooth and successful project delivery. In addition to sophisticated management system and guidelines in managing the consultants and contractors, we have arranged regular workshops and leisure activities to nurture a collaborative and partnering working atmosphere.

Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety


Site visits are arranged quarterly for DSD staff, resident site staff and contractors’ representatives to visit DSD’s construction sites having good safety practices.


Working Partners’ Experience Sharing Session on construction safety related topics

Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme 2013

DSD have been organising the Construction Sites Housekeeping Award Scheme (CSHAS) since 2004 to promote team spirit with the contractors and consultants, to improve site cleanliness and tidiness and to enhance our public image.


Award presentation to the two winning teams of the Grand Awards

Promotion of Partnering Culture

In 2013-14, we have worked closely with our consultants and contractors to build a partnering and collaborative relationship. Some of the initiatives include:


Site cleaning day at HVUSSS

New Engineering Contract (NEC)

Apart from the five on-going NEC contracts, DSD commenced Hong Kong’s first NEC electrical and mechanical works contract in March 2014. DSD would continue to promote partnering culture with our consultants and contractors through the wider use of NEC.



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