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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Executive Summary

Our Core Responsibilities

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[highlight5.png] 4,497 kilometres Total Length of Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage System

With the vision to provide world-class stormwater drainage and wastewater treatment services enabling the sustainable development of Hong Kong, DSD has continued its efforts to improve sewage treatment services and drainage systems to cope with the city’s changing needs.

Overview of Flood Mitigation and Control

To safeguard the general public against flooding, we commit to ensuring the drainage system be built to world-class standard, and be timely and properly maintained. This year, we continued to implement flood prevention projects, including stormwater storage scheme, drainage tunnels and village flood protection scheme to uplift flood protection level and reduce flooding risk of various locations. In addition to routine operation and maintenance, we have established the “Emergency and Storm Damage Organisation” (ESDO) to handle emergencies and flooding problems all year round.

Apart from ensuring proper operation of DSD facilities, we are now focusing our effort to conduct review studies in phases for the Drainage Master Plans, and to formulate strategies to cope with the city’s rapid development and changing drainage needs. The DMP review studies for Yuen Long and North District and the drainage study for Happy Valley were completed in 2011. We are now reviewing the DMPs for West Kowloon, East Kowloon, Tai Po, Sha Tin and Sai Kung which are expected to be completed in 2014 and 2015. The review for Northern Hong Kong Island will commence in 2014 for completion in 2016 while the remaining review studies are being planned.

As part of our flood prevention strategy, we continued to implement major flood prevention works including HVUSSS, Kai Tak River Upstream & Midstream Improvement Works and Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage IV.

Some New Drainage Facilities under Planning, Design and Construction

Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme
Kai Tak River Upstream & Midstream Improvement Works

Overview of Sewage Treatment

DSD has developed a sewerage network of nearly 1,700 kilometres long to collect sewage in the territory. The system is now serving 93 per cent of the total population. Through different types of treatment processes and adoption of advanced technologies, most of the pollutants, toxic materials and bacteria in the sewage will be removed to a level meeting the statutory environmental and discharge standards.

At present, we are operating 293 sewage treatment facilities, including 68 STW and 225 sewage pumping stations. In 2013-14, we treat about 2.8 million cubic metres of sewage every day.

Summary of Sewage Treatment Facilities and Sewerage Network 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Annual sewage treatment volume (million m3) 979 979 981 1,001 1,021
Total length of sewerage network (km) 1,622 1,637 1,647 1,683 1,695
Total no. of sewage treatment facilities 277 284 287 292 293


Location map of sewage treatment works in 2013-14

We have a comprehensive sampling scheme in place to ensure that the treated effluent meets the stipulated discharge license conditions. Extensive laboratory testing, which covers more than 14 types of analyses, has been carried out in our laboratories at Shatin, Tai Po, Sai Kung, Shek Wu Hui and Yuen Long STW. In 2013-14, we have conducted over 248,000 numbers of analyses and the analytical results of the effluent quality can be found in DSD’s website (

To improve the sewerage coverage and treatment facilities, we commenced several major projects such as HATS Stage 2A, upgrading of Lamma Island STW , upgrading of Pillar Point STW, upgrading of Mui Wo STW, relocation of Sha Tin STW to caverns, further expansion of Shek Wu Hui STW, improvement of Yuen Long Town Nullah (Town Centre Section) – stage 1 and extension of public village sewerage.

Some New Sewage Treatment Facilities under Planning, Design and Construction

Further expansion of Shek Wu Hui STW
Overview of HATS Stage 2A


Preliminary layout of Relocation of Sha Tin STW to Caverns


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