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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Executive Summary

The Year's Highlights

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In 2013-14, the successful commissioning of various projects and steady progress of HATS Stage 2A, have made the year a remarkable one for DSD. With the staff’s full dedication, DSD has overcome every challenge encountered and is always ready for the future challenges.

We continued to serve the public with high quality services and have received a number of awards during the year. We are most honoured to share with you the year’s highlights in this chapter.

Flood Prevention

Elimination of Two Flooding Blackspots

In the annual review of early 2014, we evaluated the effectiveness of the completed drainage improvement works and further eliminated two flooding blackspots at Shek Tsai Leng/Kwu Tung and Ko Po/Kan Tau Tsuen/Kwan Tei in North District, reducing the total number of flooding blackspots from 13 to 11.

Total number of Flooding Blackspots in the past 20 years


We continue and endeavour to tackle the remaining 11 flooding blackspots. Among these flooding blackspots, the drainage improvement works for four of them have been commissioned and their effectiveness is being monitored. The improvement works for the remaining blackspots are being carried out or under planning and design.

Emergency Preparedness

DSD colleagues always remain vigilant and diligently perform their duties. They stay well prepared to tackle any flooding emergencies. On 22 May 2013, the Black Rainstorm Warning of the second longest duration ever recorded in Hong Kong was issued and rainfall of more than 150 millimetres per hour was recorded in many places over the territory. With DSD’s territory-wide flood prevention projects completed, there was no severe regional flooding though some incidents of local flooding still occurred.


The Chief Executive Mr. LEUNG Chun-ying visited DSD’s Emergency Control Centre

Opening of Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden

The Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden, which was built on top of the LCKDT’s stilling basin, has been opened for the public’s enjoyment since March 2014. The area was originally reserved as the maintenance area. For the sake of better and more effective land use, DSD and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department joined hands to transform the land into Kowloon’s largest pet garden, with an area of 7,000 square metres.

Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden

Commissioning of Drainage Improvement Works in Shuen Wan, Tai Po

To alleviate the flooding risk of the two flooding blackspots in Shuen Wan of Tai Po, we completed the drainage improvement works thereat and commissioned the new stormwater pumping station in March 2014. Together with about 1.2 kilometres long box culvert newly laid along Tung Tsz Road, the pumping station helps to timely transfer runoff from the catchment to the sea during heavy rainstorms.


Engineered Wetland in Shuen Wan, Tai Po

Sewage Treatment

Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A

HATS consists of two stages with Stage 1 commissioned in December 2001 and Stage 2A in progress. In 2013-14, we have made steady progress for Stage 2A’s following three major parts:

HATS Stage 2A’s 21-kilometre sewage conveyance system, with maximum depth at 160 metres below sea level, is one of the deepest sewage tunnels in the world. The tunnel section between North Point and Wan Chai East (approximately 3.2 kilometres), and that between Aberdeen and Sai Ying Pun (approximately 7.5 kilometres), both constructed by drill-and-blast method, were successfully broken through in end-2013. Whereas for the two smaller diametee tunnel sections between Ap Lei Chau and Aberdeen (approximately 1.3 kilometres in total) constructed by horizontal directional drilling, all the pipe pulling works were completed in March 2014.


Breakthrough ceremony of the tunnel between North Point and Wan Chai in November 2013
Tunnel section constructed by drill-and-blast method
Breakthrough ceremony cum visit to the tunnel between Aberdeen and Sai Ying Pun in December 2013

Commissioning of Kowloon Bay Sewage Interception Station

To reduce odour nuisance, we intercept and divert the polluted flow in Jordan Valley Box Culvert to an existing trunk sewer along Kai Fuk Road. Kowloon Bay Sewage Interception Station has been commissioned since June 2013 and is the first large scale automatic flow interception facility in Hong Kong.

Commissioning Ceremony of Interception Facilities for Jordan Valley Box Culvert on 6 December 2013
Kowloon Bay Sewage Interception Station


In 2013-14, DSD has been conferred upon a number of awards in recognition of our outstanding achievements in various aspects. The awards covered a wide variety of aspects including occupational safety & health, environmental protection, sustainability, research, complaint handling and technological innovations. Thanks to the great effort of our colleagues!



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