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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Executive Summary

Caring Our Staff

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[highlight10.png] 53,418 Total Staff Training Hours

We believe that training is paramount for our staff to provide quality services to meet the growing demands and public concerns on sustainability. In 2013-14, we have organised a total of 584 training courses for our staff, in the form of induction courses, in-house training, duty visits, overseas conferences, as well as seminars and workshops.

Staff Training and Development

Each DSD staff member received about 31.6 hours of training on average in 2013-14. The figure is far higher than the territory-wide average of 18.5 hours according to Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management’s “2013 Training and Development Needs Survey”.


Induction Course

Average Training Hours Per Staff Member (Hour)


Staff Recreational Activities

Our staff has established a Staff Club to plan and organise various recreational activities for DSD colleagues. Thanks to Staff Club’s enormous contributions, we have launched a wide range of activities to strengthen the staff relationship in the year.

Dragon Boat Race
Annual Dinner
Hong Kong Marathon 2014
Hiking fun

Occupational Health & Safety

DSD places top priority in occupational health and safety at work and hence allocate adequate resources and provide necessary training to our staff. We aim at accomplishing all our undertakings safely and efficiently with due consideration of the environment.

Social Targets 2013-14 End-year Achievements
Minimising accident rate for DSD staff
Accident rate for our staff should be not more than 10 occupational injuries per 1,000 staff per year Target met. 5.6 occupational injuries per 1,000 staff per year achieved in the reporting period


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