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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2012-2013

Executive Summary

Caring Our Staff

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[highlight9.gif] 52,597 Total Staff Training Hours

One of our missions is to enhance a caring, harmonious, safe and healthy work environment that fosters staff development and a mindset for change. We fully understand that the success of our Department does not merely refer to the provision of quality services, but also maintaining a committed workforce with high sense of belonging. We therefore have provided a wide range of training opportunities to cater for the needs and career development of our staff. We have also arranged various recreational activities to care for the well-being of our staff during the year. In 2012, we were awarded with the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification to manage and control our workplace safety in a systematic manner.

On average, our staff received about 28.3 hours of training in 2012-13. The figure is higher than the territory-wide average training hours per employee which was 19.1 hours according to the "2012 Training and Development Needs Survey" conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management.

Average Training Hours per Staff


2008-09 used 23.5 hours, 2009-10 used 23.3 hours, 2009-10 used 23.3 hours, 2010-11 used 23.2 hours, 2011-12 used 24 hours, 2012-13 used 28.3 hours

Staff Recreational Activities


Hong Kong Geopark Tour
Dragon Boat Race
Christmas Party

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational safety and health at work are always our top priority in daily operation. We aim at accomplishing all our undertakings safely and efficiently with due consideration of the environment. In this regard, we allocate adequate resources and provide necessary training to our staff. We also established various safety committees to improve our performance continually. In 2012-13, there was no fatal case reported during the year.

Occupational Health & Safety Targets 2012-13 End-year Achievements
Minimising accident rate for DSD staff Target Met
Accident rate for DSD staff should be not more than 10 occupational injuries per 1,000 staff per year 6.6 occupational injuries per 1,000 staff per year
Minimising the accident rate in DSD contracts Target Met
Accident rate in DSD contracts should be less than 0.6 reportable accident per 100,000 man-hours worked 0.19 reportable accident per 100,000 man-hours worked


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