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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2012-2013

Caring Our Staff / Staff Training and Development

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Sub-sections in Caring Our Staff

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[highlight9.gif] 52,597 Total Staff Training Hours

Staff Recreational Activities

We have a Staff Club initiated by our staff members on a voluntary basis to organise recreational activities for all DSD staff. Thanks to their contributions, we launched a wide range of activities to foster the relationship amongst our staff during the year.

Dragon Boat Race

In 2012, we actively participated in different dragon boat races. With an aim to strive for the championship, the team underwent a series of arduous practices. This activity not only enhanced the team spirit amongst staff members, but also served as a good way for them to keep fit and healthy.

Dragon Boat Race

Hong Kong Marathon 2013

About 200 staff of our Department and their relatives joined the Hong Kong Marathon 2013. The total number of participants reached 760 when counting in our project partners including our consultants and construction contractors. The encouragement for each other helped maintain the high morale throughout the whole run.

Hong Kong Marathon 2013

Sports Competitions

Apart from teaming up to take part in the Hong Kong Marathon and dragon boat races, our Department's Staff Club also arranged a number of sports competitions in the past year, which included tournaments of football, basketball, table-tennis, squash, snooker, golf, tennis, badminton, bowling and darts.

Outdoor Activities and Interest Classes

Many activities were organised to enable staff to enjoy the nature and interesting topics during the year. These activities included hiking, practice sessions for Tai Chi, one-day war game outbound training, Hong Kong Geopark tour, visit to the Legislative Council Complex and a red wine workshop for beginners, etc.

Red Wine Workshop for Beginners
Hong Kong Geopark Tour
Visit the Legislative Council Complex
War Game Outbound Training
Hiking Fun
Hiking Fun

Christmas Party

Over 520 colleagues and guests joined the Department's Christmas Party. Apart from singing hymns and playing games, colleagues developed and demonstrated their full creativity to bring out the importance of "quality management, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety" in their performances. Their impressive presentation received loud applause.

Christmas Party

Annual Dinner

A variety of programmes were delivered in the Annual Dinner organised by the Department's Staff Club. In addition to prize presentation for various sports competitions, there were collective games and talent shows in which colleagues performed singing and played Chinese instrument. All the colleagues and guests enjoyed the Dinner very much.

Annual Dinner


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