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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2012-2013

About the Report

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To demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) published the first Sustainability Report "Collaboration for a Sustainable Future" (the Report).

Report Profile

The Report presents our achievements and performance in the economic, environmental and social aspects during the fiscal year (i.e. 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013). Focusing on our sustainable performance, the Report replaces our Annual Report and Environmental Performance Report starting from this year. This Report serves as an important tool to communicate with all DSD's stakeholders of our sustainability achievement.

The Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and fulfills the requirements of the highest Application Level, "A+" Application Level. We have commissioned a third party to carry out an independent report assurance to enhance the accuracy, reliability and creditability of the Report. In addition, we have gone through the Application Level Check conducted by GRI to confirm that the coverage of the Report has addressed the disclosure items in the G3.1 Guidelines. Details of the relevant disclosure items can be found in the GRI Content Index as shown in Appendix 2.

The full version and the executive summary of the Report are published in online web-based version, PDF version and text-only version with three types of characters available (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese). Hard copy of the executive summary of the Report is also available. We treasure your opinions on the Report and our sustainability performance. You may provide us the feedback by filling out the questionnaire in the Feedback section in the Report.

Reporting Scope and Boundary

We have performed stakeholder engagement where appropriate to identify key aspects in relation to our operations. With due consideration of the feature of our operations together with the views of various stakeholders and the suggested disclosures in GRI G3.1 Guidelines, we have prioritised our sustainability focus for reporting. The key aspects are presented in the table below in which our commitments and achievements are detailed in the following chapters.

Key Aspects


  • Greening
  • Conserving Ecology
  • Energy Management
  • Emission Control
  • Resources Conservation
  • Odour Management

Key Aspects


  • Staff Development
  • Staff Relationships
  • Occupational Health & Safety

Key Aspects


  • Corporate Governance
  • Collaboration with Working Partners
  • Operation Efficiency

The data and information presented in the Report cover the operations of DSD and our major consultants and contractors in relation to our project activities with significant sustainability impacts. Throughout the Report, all the data or information presented are for fiscal year unless stated otherwise and statistics are normalised into comparable terms as far as practicable.



[Executive Summary] [Traditional Chinese Version] [Simplified Chinese Version] [Graphical Version] [Independent Assurance Opinion Statements] [Feedback] [Key Statistics and Data] [GRI Content Index] [Sitemap]

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