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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2012-2013

Meeting the Targets / On Environmental Issues

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To continually improve our sustainability performance, we have established a number of targets and pledges to gauge our performance in different aspects. During the year, we achieved most of our targets and pledges in relation to environmental protection, social performance and service quality. The following tables presented the targets and achievements in 2012-13 as well as the targets for 2013-14.

On Environmental Issues

Environmental Targets 2012-13 End-year Achievements
Energy Conservation Target Met
To reduce energy consumption by 1.02 million kilowatt-hours Target met and actual saving achieved was 1.30 million kilowatt-hours
To conduct two additional carbon audits in sewage treatment works (STW) Target met and the carbon audits for Stonecutters Island STW and Tai Po STW were completed in end 2012
To aim at full utilisation of biogas by year 2013 Utilisation of biogas was gradually increased from 79 per cent in year 2011 to 90 per cent in year 2012
Water Conservation  
To maintain the use of treated effluent at 1,320 cubic metres per day Reclaimed water produced for non-potable use was 1,194 cubic metres per day
Paper Conservation Target Met
To reduce annual paper consumption by three per cent to 14,450 reams 11,054 reams consumed, which accounts to 76.5 per cent of target consumption
Waste Recovery Target Met
To increase the recycle rate of printer cartridges to 98 per cent 100 per cent printer cartridges were recycled
To increase the recycle rate of rechargeable batteries to 98 per cent 100 per cent rechargeable batteries were recycled
Green Procurement Target Met
To use recycled paper up to a level of 98 per cent of DSD's total printing paper consumed 100 per cent of printing paper consumed was recycled paper
Environmental Compliance  
To aim at achieving full compliance with legal and environmental requirements at our STW, and stormwater and sewage collection systems Two exceedances in 2012/13: the effluent E.coli. level of Tai Lam Chung Marine Police Headquarters Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Lo Wu Correctional Institution STP exceeded the monthly geometric mean limit in January 2013 and February 2013 respectively
Ecological Enhancement Target Met
To plant 1,500 trees and 270,000 shrubs 2,700 trees and 340,000 shrubs were planted
Environmental Awareness Target Met
To organise two in-house green campaigns to promote staff awareness and active participation in greening activities Two in-house green campaigns have been organised:
(i) "Potted Plant in Office Competition" on 28 May 2012; and
(ii) A "Safe, Tidy and Green Office Competition 2012" in November 2012
Environmental Targets 2013-14
Adopting state-of-the-art clean technologies and pollution prevention measures
Adopt three new clean technologies or pollution prevention measures in the next three years
Conduct three R&D items for clean technologies
Integrating sustainability considerations into the design, construction and operation of our facilities
Achieve 100 per cent compliance with the statutory environmental impact assessment (EIA) process
Meet with green groups/academics at least twice each year to consider sustainability matters
Use reclaimed water at 1,400 cubic metres per day
Conduct five new carbon audits
Minimising and mitigating environmental impacts arising from the construction and operation of our facilities
Build 4,900 square metres green roof
Plant 1,900 trees and 320,000 shrubs
Meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements on environmental performance that are applicable to the activities of the department
Achieve 100 per cent compliance under environmental legislation
Devising and conducting internal operations in an environmentally responsible manner
Reduce paper consumption by another 2 per cent
Save energy of 2.12 million kilowatt-hours which is equivalent to 0.9 per cent energy consumption of the base level in 2006-07
Increase the total mileage of electric vehicles by 20 per cent


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