Staff commitment and Development
To empower our staff to do our job with environmental awareness and understanding, we supported 15 training events in 2003 on environmental knowledge and practices.

To promote environmental awareness amongst staff, good office practices in saving paper, energy and other resources are communicated in detail to all levels of staff through circular memorandum, notice boards and e-mail. It embraces use of paper, photocopiers, electronic mail, computer monitor, computer printers, lighting, elevators, air conditioning, and all relevant office equipment and practices. Consumption of key indicators such as paper, electricity and selected stationeries are monitored on a monthly basis. The Supplies Officer also advocated Best Practices in procurement and convey it to all staff through his circular memorandum, which emphasized and elaborated on the 4R Principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover) for all staff to achieve Environmental Goods Purchasing.

We embarked on reduction targets on paper and power. Engagement to the objectives and the expectation of successful outcome promote staff commitment on resource conservation. Environmentally friendly work attitude and active participation are instilled by posting notices at prominent places in the office.

Green social activities such as eco-tour or charity walk for nature are circulated for staff information to raise interest and environmental awareness.