Communication with Stakeholders
We endeavour to make our activities as transparent as possible to environmental stakeholders.

We held an Open Day on 1 & 2 March 2003 at the Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works to invite the public to visit Hong Kong's world class sewage treatment facility and one of the world's most efficient CEPT plant. This was the first time the plant was open to public since its full commissioning in December 2001. The event aimed to reveal to the stakeholders - the public, the enormity of the task and the sophistication behind treating sewage to protect Victoria Harbour from pollution. The Open Day included video shows on DSD duties, a technical tour of the plant, exhibitions and games. The activity was a great success attracting 8,300 visitors over the two-day event.

We also communicate the content of our work and Environmental Performance of our activities through the DSD Homepage, which is freely accessible to the public, the engineering profession and green groups.

Relevant stakeholders are consulted as we propose new projects on sewerage, sewage treatment or flood control.