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Our Vision, Mission and Values

- Our Vision
- Our Mission
- Our Values


Our Vision

To develop and maintain world-class drainage and sewerage systems, and sewage treatment and disposal facilities to keep our community healthy and safe.


Our Mission

• Improving our drainage and sewerage systems to treat sewage and dispose of rainwater in an environmentally responsible manner;
• Delivering efficient, cost-effective and courteous services to the public
• Fostering good working relationships with our clients, consultants and contractors
• Providing a safe, healthy and rewarding working environment for our staff


Our Values

• Commitment
• Customer Satisfaction
• Professionalism
• Teamwork



From left: Mr. Lam Chiu-hung, Mr. S.K.Aggarwal, Mr. Ko Wing-hon, Mr. Cheung Tat-kwing, Mr. K.R.Murrells, Mr. Chan Mang-fu, Mr. Hon Chi-keung



Mr. Cheung Tat-kwing, Raymond
Director of Drainage Services


Deputy Director

Mr. Keith R.Murrells
Deputy Director of Drainage Services


Assistant Directors

Mr. Satish K.Aggarwal
Electrical & Mechanical Branch

Mr. Ko Wing-hon
Projects & Development Branch

Mr. Lam Chiu-hung
Operations & Maintenance Branch

Mr. Hon Chi-keung
Sewage Services Branch


Departmental Secretary

Mr. Chan Mang-fu