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- Goal
- Flood Prevention
- Sewage Collection, Treatment and Disposal




The Drainage Services Department (DSD) is charged with the responsibility for providing the community with a good standard of flood protection and ensuring the effective treatment of wastewater through the planning, construction and operation of the stormwater drainage, sewage treatment and sewerage infrastructures.

Flood Prevention

Most parts of Hong Kong (HK) have a reasonable degree of flood prevention. However, flooding has occurred frequently and excessively in the natural flood plains and low-lying areas of the northern part of the New Territories (NT). It is also a recurring problem in the older urban areas, like West Kowloon, because of the inadequacy of the existing drainage system.

To solve the problem, we are implementing a massive $10 billion flood prevention programme of large scale river training works and village flood protection schemes in the NT, and a $3.3 billion programme of urban drainage improvement works in West Kowloon to raise the standard of flood protection substantially. In addition, we are planning a comprehensive programme of drainage improvement works aimed at providing the whole territory with a very high degree of flood protection.

Sewage Collection, Treatment and Disposal

All urban areas of HK and 95% of the households are connected to the public sewerage system. The amount of sewage generated by the community exceeds 2.4 million cubic metres a day. Our job is two-fold. Firstly, we must ensure that the existing sewerage network and sewage treatment facilities are operated and maintained properly and efficiently such that sewage is collected, treated and disposed of safely to the required standard. Secondly, we need to upgrade the existing sewerage infrastructure and build new facilities to serve the continuously expanding urban developments in the territory and to meet higher environmental standards demanded by the community. We have completed $19 billion of improvement works and are committed to invest a further $6 billion in future years to bring Hong Kong’s sewerage infrastructure up to international standards.