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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Stakeholder Engagement Activities / Other Stakeholder Engagement Activities

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[highlight7.png] 5,700 No. of Visitors to Our Sewage Treatment Facilities

Stakeholder engagement is an essential process for DSD to promulgate updates of our services and new developments to our stakeholders. It is also an effective way to collect our stakeholders’ views for improving our services. In 2013-14, we have organised a wide range of stakeholder engagement activities.

Other Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Talk at Science in the Public Service 2013

DSD has actively participated in the Science in the Public Service Campaign, a campaign jointly organised by around 40 government bureaux and departments for some years. The then Deputy Director, Mr. TSUI Wai delivered a public talk at Museum of History on 20 July 2013 on the topic of “Modernday Dayu Tames the Water - Flood Prevention Strategy in Hong Kong”. The three major flood prevention approaches adopted in Hong Kong, namely runoff interception, stormwater storage and drainage system improvement, were elaborated in the talk.

The then Deputy Director, Mr. TSUI Wai delivering the public talk at Science in the Public Service

Exhibition at Innovation Carnival 2013

In November 2013, we participated in Innovation Carnival 2013 organised by Innovation Technology Commission at the Science Park. We showcased with physical models our concept of reusing the biogas produced in the sewage treatment process for energy generation at Sewage Treatment Works (STW) at Shatin, Tai Po, Yuen Long and Shek Wu Hui.

Exhibition at in Innovation Carnival 2013

DSD Open Day 2014

DSD Open Day 2014 was held on 11 & 12 January 2014 at Shatin STW. The two-day event was overwhelmed by about 12,000 visitors.

While the main theme was to commemorate DSD 25th anniversary, the Open Day had four sub-themes, namely "Relocation of Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns", "Showcasing the Major Sewerage and Drainage projects", "Green Operation and Maintenance Practices" and "Engagement with the Community". Through thematic visits and display of information panels and physical models, the visitors gained better understanding of DSD's effort in flood prevention and sewage treatment. Exhibition booths were set up for DSD’s major projects, such as Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A, Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Kai Tak River and Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns.


Highlights of DSD Open Day 2014

Moreover, a total of 25 trade partners, green groups, tertiary education and professional institutions also participated and exhibited the latest information/technology of their products and services at the Open Day.

We had set up a family planting corner to promote the importance of community greening in an enjoyable and relaxed manner. Entertainment performances including band show, magic performance, modern dance, freestyle football per formance, rope skipping performance and Chinese instrumental ensemble were also arranged at the main stage throughout the Open Day.

Highlights of DSD Open Day 2014

"Home Sweet Cavern" Display at Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 was held at the Victoria Park from 7 to 16 March 2014. The main theme of the this year’s flower show was “Blossoms of Joy” and the theme flower was “Kalanchoe”.

DSD’s display booth brought visitors to an innovative garden “Home Sweet Cavern”. Incorporated with innovative and environmental friendly landscape elements, the booth showcased DSD’s work through an ingenious display of a series of tubular columns which resembled drainage pipes and were organised to mimic a cavern. A meandering and shade-dappled path divided the cavern into exquisitely linked sceneries, each with an individuality that invited visitors to ponder a stroll. The cohesive yet aesthetically rich space provided a feeling of “home” for visitors while at the same time allowed them to appreciate the opportunities and benefits of cavern development.


DSD’s display booth was bestowed the Gold Award for Outstanding Exhibit under the Displays Section (Local)
DSD’s display booth in the theme of "Home Sweet Cavern"
Student drawing competition at DSD’s display booth

Group Visits to DSD Facilities

We have been receiving community and school visits to DSD facilities to promote DSD’s work and raise public awareness in protecting the environment. In 2013-14, we received more than 5,700 visitors from schools, institutions, green groups, mainland and overseas delegations, etc.

DSD staff introducing the San Tin Village Flood Prevention Scheme in a visit by secondary school students
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (Civil Division) visited Stonecutters Island STW on 9 March 2014


A delegation from Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress visited Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel in September 2013

Outreaching Educational Programme

We organise outreaching educational programme to schools with a view to publicising DSD’s work and projects. In 2013-14, we visited a total of 25 schools and received encouraging positive feedback that the programme was informative and inspiring to the students.[1]


Outreach community education programme at a primary school

Educational Banners on DSD’s Vehicles

In order to promote the messages of “Stay Away from Watercourses”, “Keep Our Drains Clear” and “Drainage Works for a Better Tomorrow”, educational banners have been posted on DSD’s vehicles to raise public awareness.

Educational banners on DSD’s vehicles

Engaging the Media

Similar to previous years, we continued to arrange media briefings and interviews to keep the media and general public updated of DSD’s work and latest developments. The major media events of 2013-14 are summarised below.

DSD working with RTHK in producing "Meteorology Series IV"
Media briefing on co-settling on 8 October 2013
Media briefing for HATS Stage 2A’s breakthrough ceremony on 8 November 2014
Officiating guests visited the sewage tunnel at North Point on 8 November 2014



Opening ceremony of Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden
The Director, Mr. Daniel CHUNG Kum-wah at the media briefing

Engaging District Councils

To enforce close ties with the local community, we pay regular visits to the District Councils. In 2013-14, our Director attended the District Council meetings of Kwun Tong District, Central & Western District, Wan Chai District, Islands District and Southern District and briefed the District Council Members on DSD’s work and projects in the respective districts.[2]

Southern District Council Meeting on 20 March 2014
Islands District Council Meeting on 24 February 2014

Engaging Green Groups

In parallel with fulfilling drainage needs, DSD puts strong emphasis on ecological conservation demands and environment protection in order to promote sustainable development of Hong Kong. We conduct regular meetings and ad-hoc site visits with the green groups to collect their views and solicit their opinions on our projects.[3]The green groups are generous in furnishing us with valuable information and share their insights in how to enhance our projects.

Site Visit with Green Groups at Yuen Long Bypass Floodway

Engaging Government Officials, Tertiary Institutions and Practitioners in the Industry

Research & Development Forum

DSD’s Research & Development Forum 2013 was successfully held at the Hong Kong Central Library on 20 November, 28 November, 3 December and 5 December 2013. The objective of the Forum is to foster the collaboration amongst the government, tertiary institutions and practitioners in the industry on research and development which supported innovation in sustainable drainage and sewerage services. This year’s four sessions have covered “sustainable drainage”, “new engineering contract”, “greening” and “wastewater treatment”. In each session, about 300 participants from various sectors attended the Forum.


Audience at the Forum


Group photo of the speakers and DSD officials

[1] G4-26
[2] G4-26
[3] G4-26



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