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Drainage Services Department - Sustainability Report 2013-2014

Caring Our Staff / Staff Training and Development

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Sub-sections in Caring Our Staff

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[highlight10.png] 53,418 Total Staff Training Hours

We believe that training is paramount for our staff to provide quality services to meet the growing demands and public concerns on sustainability. In 2013-14, we have organised a total of 584 training courses for our staff, in the form of induction courses, in-house training, duty visits, overseas conferences, as well as seminars and workshops.

Staff Training and Development

Each DSD staff member received about 31.6 hours of training on average in 2013-14. The figure is far higher than the territory-wide average of 18.5 hours according to Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management’s “2013 Training and Development Needs Survey”.

Average Training Hours Per Staff Member (Hour)



Staff Induction

All new DSD colleagues are required to attend an induction course to enhance their understanding on DSD’s work. The induction course helps foster a dedicated mindset to “serve the public”. In 2013-14, three induction courses have been held for a total of 143 new DSD colleagues.


Induction Course

Occupational Safety and Health

In 2013-14, we organized the following training sessions on OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

In addition to OHSAS 18001, we organised six staff training events for 206 participants with regard to occupational safety and health in 2013-14. Details are outlined below:

No. Course Title No. of Participants
1 Seminar on Occupational Safety and Health in Arboriculture 5
2 Basic Occupational Health and Safety Talk for Working at Sewage Treatment Works 163
3 Certificate of Competence in Display Screen Equipment Assessment 7
4 Manual Lifting & Handling 25
5 Occupational Safety Management 3
6 Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorder 3
Total 206

Examples of other safety training events provided to our staff during the year include:

Course Title Duration (day) No. of Trainees
Confined Space Safety Training Course for Certified Workers Engaged in DSD’s Works 1 129
Confined Space Safety Training Course for Competent Persons Engaged in DSD’s Works 1 144
Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate Revalidation Course 0.5 193
Safety Training Revalidation Course for Certified Workers of Confined Spaces Operation 0.5 318
Safety Training Revalidation Course for Competent Persons of Confined Spaces Operation 0.5 173

Overseas Duty Visits

Ecological Design and Flood Retardation in River Training Works in United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Being one of DSD’s major on-going flood prevention project, Shenzhen River Regulation Stage IV puts much emphasis on ecological design of the river and the flood retardation basin. In June 2013, our colleagues visited the ecological rivers and flood retardation wetlands in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to gain a better understanding on the implementation, operation and maintenance of these features. In addition to visiting a number of illustrative project sites, our colleagues also benefited from the in-depth professional exchange with the local authorities and design consultants.


A flood storage pond in a park of the United Kingdom


Presentation and discussion with project consultants in the United Kingdom

Sewer Maintenance and Rehabilitation in Germany and the UK

In November 2013, our colleagues and the project consultant paid a visit to the manufacturers, water companies, consultants and contractors in Germany and the United Kingdom to acquire knowledge in sewer maintenance and rehabilitation.

In Frankfurt, Germany, we visited two manufacturers of advanced equipment for sewer cleansing and rehabilitation, and observed the utilization of robots in sewer repair work and the adoption of ultraviolet light curing for cured-in place pipe. In Newcastle of the UK, we attended an exhibition for water, sewerage and waste, and had meetings with several relevant parties to exchange views on asset maintenance planning, sewer rehabilitation implementation and pipe cleaning system.


Sewer Maintenance and Rehabilitation in Germany

Underground Sewage Treatment Works in Japan and Korea

In August 2013, our colleagues and the project consultants conducted an overseas visit to six underground sewage treatment works in Japan and Korea, with a view to facilitating our planning of the Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns and Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works – Further Expansion Phase 1A projects. Through interacting with the local project teams, we obtained valuable first-hand knowledge in planning, design, construction and operation of underground sewage treatment facilities, particularly in the aspects of space utilisation, odour management, integrating with the environment and communicating with the locals.

DSD colleagues and Hayama Purification Center operational staff in Japan
Ariake Water Reclamation Centre in Japan, which is hidden underneath community facilities
Ochiai Water Reclamation Centre in Japan, which is hidden under a park
Jung Ang Wastewater Treatment Plant in Korea

River Improvement and Restoration Works in Taiwan

In March 2014, our colleagues visited the debris flow sites at Ruifang Jiufen and Xiaolin Village, various river channels and engineered wetlands in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Tainan. We also visited the Disaster Prevention Research Centre of National Cheng Kung University, one of the major institutions for disaster prevention and mitigation in Taiwan. Through the visit, we gained valuable knowledge from Taiwan on flood prevention, sustainable drainage system, debris flow risk management, and how Taiwan’s river revitalisation works and engineered wetlands have enhanced ecological value in addition to flood alleviation.

Zhonggang Main Drainage in Taipei
Jhongdu Wetlands Park in Kaohsiung
Dashu Old Railway Bridge Wetland Park in Kaohsiung

Senior Management's Goodwill Visits

In response to Civil Service Bureau’s appeal of enhancing Civil Service Partnership, DSD has launched a two-year “Goodwill Visits” programme since June 2013. Under the programme, DSD directorates will conduct Goodwill Visits to staff’s workplace and exchange views with them in a relaxed manner. The programme aims at strengthening communication and enhancing partnership between DSD’s senior management and the front line staff. As at March 2014, ten Goodwill Visits have been conducted.


Senior Management’s Goodwill Visits


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