Law compliance
All sewage treatment works and relevant new works (Designated Projects) are regulated by EPD under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance and Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance respectively, in addition to other relevant pollution control legislations. DSD directly holds 26 discharge licences under the WPCO and 19 various Environmental Permits under the EIA Ordinance.
Figure 4.2 Percentage Compliance in 2003 for CEPT and Secondary Treatment Plants

To measure performance and to guard against pollution, DSD has an intensive programme to monitor the quality of discharge at all of the Sewage Treatment Works. Effluent is sampled and tested. Anomalies are immediately identified, reported to EPD and corrective action made. Data are compiled and sent to EPD for reference every month. Some major sewage works such as Shatin, Tai Po and Sai Kung also have online sensors to monitor TSS, NH3-N, NOx-N of the final effluent.

DSD thoroughly complied with the EIA Ordinance in 2003. We carried out Environmental Monitoring and Audit work associated with Environmental Permits issued under the EIA Ordinance for new works.

Our contractors had 14 convicted environmental offences in 2003 - 12 related to irregularities in dust control at construction sites, one on construction site drainage and one on noise offence.

Implementing EMS
Tai Po STW has acquired ISO 14001 since 2001. We hope to extend such certification progressively to other works once experience is consolidated.

We also designate a Green Manager to oversee environmental management initiatives.