DSD is committed to promoting public understanding of flood prevention and sewage treatment through a range of events and activities in the community.

Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works Open Day
The Open Day at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works (STWs) was successfully held on 13-14 March 2004. Over 9,500 people visited the plant and gained a better understanding of sewage treatment through technical tour, games, exhibition panels and videos etc.

Tai O Floodwater Pumping Station
Tai O No. 3 Floodwater Pumping Station, Lantau, had its first open day held on 18 April 2004. 740 visitors, including residents of Tai O Village, students and the public, were attracted to this event. The information and educational publicity materials displayed and the facilities within the pumping station greatly enhanced the understanding of the visitors on DSD's flood prevention work in this low-lying area.

Site Tour with District Councillors
To promote the understanding of the Northern District Councillors and Yuen Long District Councillors on the progress of DSD's flood control projects in NNT and NWNT, we organized two visits to our project sites in April. We also introduced to the councillors DSD's green measures in flood control projects so as to demonstrate our effort in protecting the environment.

Regular Visit to our Sewage Treatment Works
Secondary schools, environmental volunteers and other technical groups from mainland regularly visited our major sewage treatment works. In year 2003, we had received 9,924 visitors in our STWs, including those visitors on the Stonecutters Island STW Open Day.

Communication with the Media
DSD firmly believes that, by sharing our works and our cares of the environment with the community, it helps the public better understand Government's effort in flood prevention and sewage treatment. Mass media offer a good channel to communicate with our public.

In view of this, regular meeting with media reporters and editors are important. In September 2003, a lunch meeting was held in which media editors met with the Director and senior management and discuss on the latest progress of the flood control projects. Site visits were organized in October 2003 and April 2004 for media reporters to major flood control project sites and the newly completed flood mitigation facilities.

DSD's Homepage
We had a face lift with the completion of the revamp work of DSD's Homepage in August 2003. Modification work will continue from time to time to ensure better service to the public. Latest information on the department, projects, publications, news and tender notices is now available on our website.