Drainage Services Department

2024 Q2 TO 2025 Q1

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1. The Forecast of Invitations to Tender is issued in good faith, but in no way indicates that tenders will be invited for the particular projects listed either at the time stated or at any time, and Government accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or expenses that may be incurred as a result of the publication of the Forecast.

2. The following abbreviations are used in the Forecast -

* RD refers to "Roads and Drainage"; 
* ELME refers to "Electrical and Mechancial Installation for Sewage Treatment and Screening Plant"; 
* MANU refers to "Manufacture and Erection of Mechanical Plants and Equipment"; 
* GROU refers to "Ground Investigation Field Work";
* INDU refers to "Industrial Type Electrical Installation"; 
* LANS refers to "Landscaping"; 
* SF refers to "Site Formation"; 

M1 : Up to $100 million (estimated cost) 
M2 : From $100 million, to $200 million (estimated cost) 
M3 : From $200 million, to $300 million (estimated cost) 
M4 : From $300 million, to $400 million (estimated cost)
M5 : Exceeding $400 million (estimated cost)

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