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2024 Q1 TO 2024 Q4

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  1. The Forecast of Consultancies (the "Forecast") is published in good faith taking into consideration the construction industry's request. The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the "Government") does not guarantee that submission of expression of interest and/or technical and fee proposal(s) will be invited for any particular listed consultancy(ies), either at the time stated in the Forecast or at any time. The information published in the Forecast may be revised at any time. Consultants shall refer to the relevant invitation documents for the exact details of each consultancy. The Government will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of or reference to the information published in the Forecast.
  1. The preliminary date of inviting expression of interest / proposals in the Forecast refers to the probable date of inviting expression of interest from longlisted consultants for a consultancy if two-stage consultant selection process is adopted, or the probable date of inviting technical and fee proposals from an initial list of consultants for a consultancy if one-stage consultant selection process is adopted.
  1. The following abbreviations are used in the Forecast -
    1. Types of Consultancy Agreements 
      FS Feasibility Study 
      I Investigation 
      D Design 
      C Construction 
      DC Design & Construction 
    1. Categories of Engineering and Associated Consultants 
      DS Drainage and Sewerage 
      EM Electrical and Mechanical 
      EP Environmental 
      GE Geotechnical and Slope 
      SP Specialists 
    1. Other Information 
      BIM Building Information Modelling 
      NEC PSC New Engineering Contract Professional Service Contract 
      TBC To be confirmed 
      N.A. Not applicable
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