Drainage Services Department

Both SC and TES are calculated based on water consumption. The charges are included in the demand notes issued by the Water Authority covering the water charges, SC and TES to facilitate payment. The combined demand notes are issued once every four months for most consumers. For consumers using a large amount of water, the demand notes are issued once a month.

According to the Sewage Services Ordinance, a 5% overdue surcharge may be imposed on account with outstanding payment after the due date of the bill. Reminder bills will be issued to both the mailing and service addressees of the overdue accounts. Subsequent to the issue of reminder bills, the Water Authority may disconnect the water supply to the premises with default payment without prior notice. A 10% overdue surcharge may be imposed on top of the outstanding amount six months after the original due date of the bill.


Payment methods 

For details on payment methods, please refer to the website of the Water Supplies Department at:




Enquiries and applications on matters relating to the sewage services charges may be made to the office of the Drainage Authority at :

G/F Western Magistracy, 2A Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong
Tel. : 2834 9432 Fax : 3104 6433

Application forms have been prepared for customers to make enquiries on matters relating to Trade Effluent Surcharge (TES) and Sewage Charge (SC).

For other enquiries relating to account particulars, payment or other charges on the demand notes, please contact the office of the Water Authority (Tel. No. 2824 5000 or visit http://www.wsd.gov.hk).

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