Drainage Services Department

If you want to receive the latest information of DSD, you may link up with us through this function.

Subject URL to copy to RSS reader Suscribe
What's New https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Whats_New.xml
Current Tenders https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Current_Tenders.xml
Press Releases https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Press_Releases.xml
Recruitment Notices https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Recruitment_Notices.xml
Contracts/Consultancies Awarded https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Contracts_Consultancies_Awarded.xml
Invitation for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Agreements https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/Invitation_for_Expression_of_Interest_for_Consultancy_Agreements.xml
DSD Newsletter https://www.dsd.gov.hk/Menu/EN/RSS/DSD_Newsletter.xml


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to keep track of updates from the websites you are interested in by not needing to visit each website regularly.

How can I subscribe to DSD RSS feeds?
To view DSD RSS feeds, you may download latest web browsers or readers that support RSS, such as Internet ExplorerFireFoxGoogle Reader, etc. 
To subscribe the feeds you need to copy the URL or click the Subscribe button beside the subject you are interested in and then follow the instructions of your RSS reader to add the subscription. 

Terms of use
Before using the DSD RSS feeds, please read the Important Notices in the DSD website. DSD reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time

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