Drainage Services Department

Since 1999, the San Tin Village Flood Protection Scheme has been implemented to protect seven low-lying villages in San Tin, Yuen Long against the risk of flood damage during heavy rainfalls. In recent years, Drainage Services Department (DSD) has been proactively promoting the use of renewable energy in order to further reduce carbon emission as well as to mitigate the impact of climate change. To promote public awareness and understanding of the concepts of decarbonisation and sustainable development, DSD has implemented a pilot trial of floating photovoltaic system (FPV) at San Tin Polder, along with other photovoltaic (PV) systems. Besides, San Tin Polder is adjacent to the Mai Po Nature Reserve. DSD has built an ecological floating island of about 100 square metres in the flood storage pond in order to attract birds to perch, stay or rest at San Tin Polder, with its floodwater storage functions retained and its environmental and ecological values enhanced. DSD wishes to share with readers the breathtaking snapshots and let them explore both the functional and aesthetic sides of the San Tin Village Flood Protection Scheme through photographs.

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