PWP No. 4407DS

Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns – Consultants’ Fee and Investigation

Project Scope
The project scope comprises:
(a)preliminary and detailed design of the relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns and associated works;
(b)detailed impact assessments on environmental, traffic, geotechnical, sewerage, drainage, waterworks, utilities, blasting vibration and other relevant aspects;
(c)public engagement and consultation exercises with relevant stakeholders;
(d)associated site investigation works and supervision; and
(e)preparation of tender documents and assessment of tenders for the associated site investigation works and the future construction works for the relocation project. 
Major Improvements and Benefits
Relocating Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns will release the existing site of about 28 hectares for housing and other uses that will enhance our living quality and will bring extended benefits to the community and environment of Sha Tin.
CE 30/2014(DS) - AECOM Asia Company Limited
DC/2015/01 - Gammon Construction Limited
DC/2015/04 - Kingsford Environmental (Hong Kong) Limited
DE/2016/05 - ATAL Engineering Limited
Contract No.
DC/2015/01, DC/2015/04, DE/2016/05
Project Commencement Date
29 September 2014
Project Completion Date
2022 (Investigation and Design Stage)
Project estimate
$ 637.7 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sha Tin
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