Drainage Services Department

Blackspots Identity No. 1

Shek Wu Wai, San Tin

Yuen Long
Cause of Flooding

1. Low-lying area.
2. Inadequate capacity of existing drainage channels

Responsible Division
Mainland North
Responsible District Senior Engineer
C. K. YU
Telephone No.
2300 1154
Responsible District Engineer
Flora F. Y. LIE
Telephone No.
2300 1254
Year First Appeared
Commissioning Date of the Drainage Improvement Works
2014 (First Phase)
Short-term Mitigation Measures

1. To carry out regular inspection and desilting at channel.
2. Sandbags were provided to villagers for flood protection and non-return valves were installed along the eastern watercourse to prevent water backflow to farmlands.
3. Emergency teams will be mobilized to clear any debris and blockage, and to pump out flood water from low-lying areas upon recorded rainfall in Yuen Long District exceeds 50mm in the past 1 hour, hoisting of amber, red or black rainstorm warning signals or Special Announcement on Flooding in the Northern New Territories.

Long-term Mitigation Measures

1. First phase drainage Improvement works at Shek Wu Wai were completed (PWP item 4164CD).
2. Further drainage improvement works are under planning (PWP Item 4112CD).

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