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Environmental Performance
Achievements in Sewage Treatment 
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Progress of Clean Air Charter 
Yuen Long Town Nullah
Wall Trees at the Lung Chu Street Nullah
Retaining of Wall Tree in Nullah Decking
Green roof of the Wan Chai East Sewage
Screening Plant

Ecological Enhancement 

Apart from providing sufficient hydraulic capacity to prevent flooding, drainage channels are now expected to blend in with the environment and help enhance the quality of life of a community. DSD has been taking every opportunity to work with many different communities through various District Councils to introduce ecological features in our drainage channels. From 2004 to 2007, DSD had planted about 40,000 trees and 800,000 shrubs, and had created more than 40 hectares of wetland or fish pond in our projects.

In 2007 DSD commissioned a consultancy study to examine the feasibility of rehabilitation of the Yuen Long Town nullah with a view to identifying areas in which the existing concrete drainage channel can be modified for additional beneficial uses without increasing the risk of flooding.

On another front, some nullahs in the urban area are decked to reduce odour nuisance, and to provide land for other uses. The Lung Chu Street nullah is one of them. A special feature of this project is the preservation of eleven wall trees. To meet such a special requirement, DSD had amended the alignment and shape of the box culvert in decking the nullah, and used small machines for the construction works.

Green roof and landscape have become standard items that must be considered by DSD staff and our Consultants in all projects. The green roof of the Wan Chai East Sewage Screening Plant was completed in 2007, and there are 56 more green roofs in our facilities under various stages of planning and construction.