Environmental Policy and Goals
Environmental Policy

We commit to being environmentally conscious in all our activities and services and endeavor to serve the HK community with the best of our expertise in safeguarding human health, protecting and preserving natural ecosystems, thus contributing to the sustainable development of HK.

We aim to continually improve the quality of our services, and to alleviate as far as practicable the impact that our facilities and sewage and drainage system impose on the environment of HK. To meet these objectives, we are committed to:

Adopting state-of-the-art clean technologies and pollution prevention measures;
Incorporating environmental considerations, whenever practicable, into our design, construction and operation in order to prevent pollution and maximize resource conservation;
Minimizing and mitigating environmental impacts arising from the construction and operation of our facilities; and
Meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements on environmental performance that are applicable to the activities of the department.

We ensure that our Environmental Policy is communicated to all staff, our consultants and contractors, and is open to public scrutiny. Our staffs are committed to upholding this departmental policy and receive the necessary training and resources to enable its implementation.

Environmental Goals

1. To provide and operate world-class sewerage/drainage systems and sewage treatment/disposal facilities to fulfil the growing needs of the local community and contribute to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.
2. To implement sewerage and sewage treatment/disposal programmes in a professional manner, in partnership with other Government establishments including the EPD, and to meet the Water Quality Objectives for HK waters.
3. To implement drainage and flood protection programmes in a professional manner, to minimize flooding, and to provide protection to local inhabitants, property and the environment.