Opportunities and Key Issue of the Released Site

Key Opportunities

Residential Uses

The Released Site is close to existing residential developments and the development of residential uses on the Released Site is compatible with the existing land use.

Existing SmSTW and nearby area

Community Facilities and Local Commercial Spaces

There is opportunity to provide community facilities and local commercial spaces to serve the residents in Sham Tseng.

Community Facilities

Local Commercial Spaces

Possibility to Extend the Waterfront Promenade

Extension of the waterfront promenade provides more recreational spaces for the community.

Waterfront Promenade

Recreational space

Scheme for Waterfront Promenade Extension

Recreational space

Key Issues

Environmental Impacts

The future development on the Released Site may generate noise and dust from construction activities to the surroundings. Appropriate mitigation measures would be implemented to minimise the potential impacts.

Traffic Impact

Under this Study, we conducted a broad traffic and transport assessment on the traffic impact arising from the development at the Released Site. The assessment concluded that the effect of development traffic on key junctions in the area would be minor.

Visual Impact

Given the waterfront location of the Released Site, the future development on the Released Site should be visually compatible with the surrounding buildings. Appropriate design measures could embellish the waterfront and cityscape.

Air Ventilation Impact

The future development on the Released Site should ensure no air ventilation impacts to surroundings. Appropriate urban design controls could effectively ensure no adverse impact on air ventilation.

Existing Sham Tsz Playground and CLP Sham Tseng Substation


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