Progress of Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study of this project was commenced in August 2014. It includes:

  • carry out ground investigation works
  • carry out public engagement activities and consultation with relevant stakeholders
  • carry out detailed engineering feasibility study, including preliminary technical and impact assessments, preparation of outline design for the engineering works and formulation of project implementation strategy and works programme
  • review future land use of the released land of existing Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works for the purpose of establishing a business case for the relocation proposal

The Stage 1 public engagement activities were commenced in March 2015 and completed in August 2015 to collect opinions of stakeholders on the relocation project. The Stage 1 public engagement activities included:

  • Visits to Stanley Sewage Treatment Works
  • Roving Exhibitions
  • Community Liaison Group Meetings
  • A focus group meeting/ Community Workshop

Public engagement activities

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