Existing Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Facilities

Brief Description of SKSTW

Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works (SKSTW) is a secondary sewage treatment works located at Wa Fuk Street of Sai Kung, which occupies a footprint of about 2.2 hectares.

The existing SKSTW has a design sewage treatment capacity of 8,000m3 per day which could provide sewage treatment services to a population of 20,000 in Sai Kung District. The existing SKSTW commenced its operation in 1988 and was originally designed for a flow of 15,200m3 per day. To reduce the nutrient level of the effluent, the plant was upgraded in early 1996 to include nutrient removal facilities in the aeration tanks and the plant capacity was consequently lowered to 8,000m3 per day. It concludes two primary sedimentation tanks, two aeration tanks, two final sedimentation tanks, ultra-violet disinfection system and sludge treatment facilities.

Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works (SKSTW)

Sewage Catchment Areas in Sai Kung and Effluent Export Route

There are five sewage pumping stations for transferring the sewage collected via the existing underground sewerage network within five catchment areas in Sai Kung District to the SKSTW for centralized treatment.

The treated effluent is discharged to Sai Kung Hoi via an existing 450m long, 750mm diameter submarine outfall for effective dilution and dispersion.

Five sewage pumping stations

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