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Special Features:

Sustainability is one of the main focuses of this project.  This project has been registered under the BEAM Plus assessment system, where the design has included various renewable energy and environmental concepts in order to fully utilize resources and minimize the environmental impacts. 

Water Harvesting System

The proposed landscaped deck in this project will consist of a rainwater harvesting system, where rainwater and irrigation water will be collected via porous surfaces and drainage systems. The collected water will then be conveyed to the treatment appliances or facilities, where necessary treatment procedures will be carried out to ensure the water meets the stipulated water standards. The treated water will be reused as irrigation water to furnish the greeneries on the proposed landscape deck.  The system could potentially help save up to 3,400 cubic meters of water per year, contributing to a more efficient use of water resources.

Renewable Energy

Higher energy efficiency is another key design element of this project Various environmental friendly elements such as skylight areas and solar panels have been added. Skylight areas have been designed to channel natural daylight to the interiors, thus reducing the energy consumption otherwise used for lighting purposes.  The use of natural daylight also enhances the spatial perception of the area, allowing the open space to seem more spacious to visitors.  On the other hand, considering the overall aesthetic design and layout of the park, solar panels will be placed in areas that are inaccessible to the public. The solar panels are expected to power up the electrical appliances and lightings within the park, serving as a more eco-friendly and economical solution which helps reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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