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4. In search of Kam Tin River

The section of the Kam Tin River in front of you was completed in 1997. In the past, the typical meanders of the narrow and winding old Kam Tin River was unable to rapidly discharge floodwaters from torrential rainstorms, and low-lying areas of Kam Tin were inundated. 

To solve the flooding problem in Kam Tin area, enhancing the drainage capacity of Kam Tin River is one of the options. At the downstream area of Nam Sang Wai, a new channel of 120 metres wide and 3 kilometres long is built by excavating some fishponds in the vicinity. This new channel runs straightly to Shan Pui River and increase the drainage capacity of Kam Tin River. 

Here is the junction of the new and the old channels of Kam Tin River, which was also once the downstream of Kam Tin River. Since the completion of the new channel in 1997, the old channel has become disconnected with Kam Tin River. The new channel design keeps the river bed natural, providing habitats similar to the original wetland environment, and allows wildlife to find shelter, forage and breed. At present, mudflats are exposed on the riverbed as the tide ebbs. 

You may take the path behind to have a look of the old channel of Kam Tin River there. Different from the new channel which is wide and straight, the old channel is narrow and meandering with dense plants along the banks. This was the original lower course of Kam Tin River, converging with Shan Pui River at Chung Hau Tsuen. 

Old Channel of Kam Tin River

New Channel of Kam Tin River

Mudflats are exposed on the riverbed of New Channel of Kam Tin River as the tide ebbs.

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