Kai Tak River, previously named as Kai Tak Nullah, is one of the major drainage channels in East Kowloon with a total length of about 2.4 kilometre (km) long.  Due to urbanisation and extreme weather, drainage capacity of Kai Tak Nullah in the past could not meet the current flood protection standard.  Therefore, the Government suggested to carry out drainage improvement works.  Through public engagement exercise before commencement of works, design principles for the improvement works have been established: according high priority to increase drainage capacity, minimising river decking and revitalising as a green river.

Upon completion of works, the drainage capacity of Kai Tak River can attain the current design standard, so as to mitigate flooding risk along Choi Hung Road.  The Drainage Services Department is also taking this opportunity to inject various greening and ecological elements into Kai Tak River, thus revitalizing it as Hong Kong's first urban green river corridor.  Living environment would be improved through enhancing townscape of the area, provision of a scenic and leisure place for enjoyment of the public, as well as fostering closer connection with adjacent areas.

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