New Engineering Contract

The HVUSSS adopts the "New Engineering Contract" (NEC) form of contract. Under the NEC, the project management office and the contractor foster a relationship through partnering mutual trust and co-operation. On this basis, the parties collaborate closely to foresee and early resolve potential problems, thereby minimizing disputes and avoiding delay and effectively enhancing project cost control.

Merits of the NEC

  • Team Spirit and goal alignment
  • Pain-gain share mechanism to enhance cost effectiveness
  • Reducing the risks of cost and time overrun

Features of NEC

  • Mutual Trust & Cooperation
  • Risk Management
  • Early Problem Resolution
  • Timely Reply
  • Subcontracting Management

The project team adopts the "One Team, One Goal" approach to establish common objectives and targets in all the key aspects of construction time, costs, quality, safety, environmental protection, etc. The "Knowing Me, Knowing You" workshops were also held to help the parties understand each other's concerns and jointly overcome challenges in delivering the project.

One Team, One Goal

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